Bahubali successfully showcased Sanathana Dharma values

Amarendra Bahubali’s characterization represents true warrior of Sanathana Dharma..

Even while dying his words “Jai Mahishmati” and “Amma Jagratha” emphasizes the importance of mother and motherland to any warrior.. It reminds of the words from Lord Ram himself, “Janani Janmabhoomischa Swargadapi Gariyasi” (Mother and Motherland are greater than heaven).. 

Shivalingam episode of the first part was applauded throughout the country, inspired by it Rajamouli made sure the second part will have Sanathana Dharma as its core through out the movie. The depiction of Ganesha in the beginning and worship of Krishna, soldiers of Kuntala saying Jai Bhavani and Shivalingam in the end climax scene showcased how worship and respect of deities is important to the ruling class of our ancient Bharat.

Thanks Rajamouli for showcasing such strong character who stood by Dharma always.. May the younger generations get inspired by Bahubali and love their mother and motherland and stand by Dharma always…

Jai Hind….