Allu Arjun’s OK Tweet Raises Expectations

On social media, the behavior of many top stars always creates some sort of interest. Especially with few stars, it is quite fascinating.
For example, Mahesh Babu follows only one person on twitter, while Pawan Kalyan follows none. Allu Arjun talks about only a few films, while Prakash Raj reacts on many social issues. And for this peculiarity, these celebs have the special following on social sites.
Cut to the topic, Allu Arjun tweets rarely about films of other stars though he promotes his movies extensively. And just by going through the trailer, he tweets a ‘wish’ about some films. Till date, he has tweeted about Kumari 21 F, Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi and Kanche movie trailers, and a wish for Khaidi No 150, apart from his own films. And that sends a signal that he encourages different and engaging films.
And now, Allu Arjun tweeted luck to his brother Sirish for upcoming “Okka Kshanam” movie. “Siri All the Best for your New Movie OkkaKshanam .Very Interesting Teaser . Hope all of you like it ! ATB to the Dir Vianand & the entire team. (sic)” he tweeted.
With this tweet, now expectations are rising about Sirish’s movie too. Because Bunny never tweeted about any of his brother’s film as well earlier. That’s why, even mega fans started feeling that Bunny will tweet only if the film genuinely has content. Hope Sirish lives up to it.