Amit Shah’s survey in Telangana making seniors nervous

Amit Shah who is known for his winning poll strategies is eyeing Telangana now. It seems Amit Shah has taken Telangana seriously and wants BJP to form government in the newly carved state. He is currently doing surveys in Telangana with his personal team to find out the strengths and shortcomings of the party in the entire state.

Amit Shah wants to act tough on seniors in the state who have not been garnering enough votes and building the much needed momentum in the party. He is keen to give chance to youngsters who are working hard at the grass roots and have high chances of winning elections. He also feels Telangana BJP needs fresh young blood to drive more voters towards the party. Amit Shah surveys are making the seniors nervous as they thought they can continue with their leadership positions and can go yet again contest in their existing constituencies in 2019 elections.