AP Telangana set to resolve Power issues

Power transmission between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana has been suspended as discoms of both states are claiming non-payment of dues to each other. Telangana GENCO issued a notice to Andhra Pradesh to clear the pending dues of Rs 1,646.76 crore and earlier AP discoms warned stopping of power supply to Telangana if they don’t clear their pending bill of Rs 3,183 crores.

On June 6, AP Genco wrote to the Telangana discom threatening to stop power supply if dues of Rs 3,183 crore are not cleared. In a reply to that letter, TS TRANSCO issued a notice to the AP Genco threatening to regulate power supply to AP if pending dues of Rs 1,646.76 crore are not settled. AP Genco Chairman Vijayanand stated that the Telangana discoms are linking power dues with assets and liabilities of state bifurfication. We are ready to deduct that also from their dues. Let them pay the rest.

Also TS Transco chairman and managing director D Prabhakar Rao told that there is no material impact of inter-state suspension of power supply on consumers in Andhra Pradesh as it is a power surplus state. Telangana is short of around 400 MW which has already been tied up with Chhattisgarh to supply the deficit power.

As per the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, the combined power generated in both the states is shared in about 43:57 ratio between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. On that basis AP gets about 800 mw from Telangana while it parts 1,200 mw to Telangana resulting in net excess of 400 mw of power supply to Telangana. After these recent notices, now both the governments are planning to settle the issue amicably in the presence of governor and settle the power disputes once for all.