Even TDP supporters against Harikrishna’s elevation

In the wake of upcoming elections, CBN wants to strengthen the party in all aspects and send positive vibes to the cadre. In that direction CBN wants to elevate Nandamuri Harikrishna who has been staying away from party activities offlate. This move will send strong message to the cadre that NTR family is united and they all are with TDP itself and this will also pave a way for inviting Jr NTR for the election campaign.

According to the sources CBN is considering nominating Harikrishna as the chairman of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams trust board. By doing so Harikrishna would be elevated to a position which is more prestigious than a cabinet berth. And Harikrishna will not be involving in political decisions which will also keep CBN at peace as in many earlier occasions Harikrishna attacked CBN policies directly.

However even before the decision of appointing Harikrishna as TTD chairman became official, there was quite a opposition from hardcore TDP supporters as well against this in social media. Opposition parties went a step ahead and attacked even more personally targeting Harikrishna’s character. Will CBN consider public pulse and rethink about his plans to elevate Harikrishna as TTD chairman or continue with his decision has to be seen.