Is Gaddar the new ally of Pawan Kalyan?

Both Pawan kalyan and Gaddar have a common inclination towards communist ideology. They also have been long time friends and recently Gaddar also stated that he is willing to work with Janasena. Gaddar has been unhappy with TRS government from long time and expressed interest in launching a new party in Telangana to fight for people’s aspirations. Gaddar felt that Telangana is achieved only geographically and the sacrifices made by people is much more beyond that. He wants to strive hard going forward and achieve the dreams of martyrs and he would play a key role in forming new election alliances based on the JAC suggestions.

Gaddar also toured Rayalaseema recently and rubbed his communist ideology to the youth there. He instigated the youth to start an agitation and fight for Rayalaseema rights. He blasted the governments in both Telugu states for ignoring farmer issues. He also added that many CM’s came from Rayalaseema but no one did any development and he is interested to work with the youth for Rayalaseema.

According to Politfcal pundits Gaddar’s Rayalaseema statemets are clear indication of his political interest in both the Telugu states and he would be playing a key role in bringing Janasena and all communist parties on same platform in both regions and use his experience of Telangana agitation to mobilize youngsters from both states against the ruling governments. Like Pawan Kalyan Gaddar also attacked the central government for not allocatin gfunds to South India propely. Have to see how the new alliances will forge and what role will Gaddar play in Pawan Kalyan’s political journey.