Konda Surekha clarifies her Political future

From past couple of weeks there were rumors in media especially in the social media that Konda Surekha couple would be leaving TRS and join back Congress party. Konda Surekha clarified that those were indeed runors and people who are against her are spreading those false news.

Konda Surekha also clarified that YSR had given her political birth to her and her husband and she will always remember him, but also added that Telangana CM gave them political re-birth and they will not leave TRS at any cost. The Konda couple is planning to spend the money given by the state government for conducting Ifthar Party for the development of Minorities and host the Ifthar Party with their own money.

Konda Surekha’s clarifications will put an end to the rumours of leaving TRS and Warangal East will have her continue as the candidate from TRS in the upcoming elections.