Modi Said congress leaders admit that it is not a party but a kunba.

New Delhi sources have added that Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar had stoked a controversy when he invoked the rulers of the Mughal dynasty in the election of Rahul Gandhi as party President, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi latched on to quickly to call it “Aurangzeb Raj”
Aiyar said, retorting to the “dynasty” jibes of the BJP on Rahul Gandhi’s election “When Shah Jahan came in the place of Jahangir did any election happen? And when Aurangzeb came in place of Shah Jahan did any election happen? It was known to everyone that the throne of the king will automatically go to the heir”.
Aiyar said “But in a democracy elections are held he openly invited Poonawala to file the nomination and contest,” adding has anyone heard of Shehzad Poonawala. He was replying to a question about BJP’s criticism following Maharashtra Congress leader Poonawala calling Rahul Gandhi’s election as party chief rigged. Meanwhile Modi was quick to pounce on Aiyar’s remarks while addressing a public meeting in Dharampur constituency in Gujarat.