Will PK get into full time politics after Trivikram film?

Offlate Pawan Kalyan has been facing lot of criticism from media and public that the actor is doing part time politics and not focusing on current issues of the state.  “Pawan Kalyan is just tweeting about few issues from twitter instead of working on the ground. He should fight on all issues and give confidence to supporters like us about Janasena. We wanted Pawan Kalyan to become the face of alternate clean politics in the state. But we are disappointed  as he is  working like a part time politician when ever he gets a break from his movie shooting.” stated a frustrated Janasena supporter.

Looks like Pawan Kalyan has heard his supporters frustration and disappointment. According to Janasena insiders, Pawan kalyan will finish his movie with Trivikram quickly and wrap up shooting of films till 2019 elections are done. His recent cancellation of movie with  AM Ratnam in the direction of  KT Neason  also makes the intentions of Pawan Kalyan clear. Already Pawan Kalyan started recruiting youngsters for Jenasena through interviews in few areas. He would soon be working vigorously on strengthening of his party from grass roots after he wraps up the shoot of his movie.


Also Pawan Kalyan’s silence with regards to the issues in Telangana is also drawing lot of criticizm as to why Pawan is so soft with the problems of Telangana. Be it the farmers issues or the recent Miyapur land scam, there has been no condemnation from him or his party. May be after Trivikram’s movie we will get to know whether Pawan Kalyan will only fight elections in AP and his strategic silence on Telangana issues will continue or will he take on AP and Telangana politics by storm with his full time entry into politics.