Rahul baba’s yet another vacation

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is all set to visit Italy to visit his grandmother which even surprised his own party members as the timing of his journey is not right. The President elections are held next month and Congress has an important role to bring all opposition parties on one boat. With Rahul Gandhi going on vacation at this crucial moment, Congress reputation will further be damaged felt the Congress leaders. The opposition parties are waiting to field a united candidate against the government’s choice after the nominee from the government is announced. The opposition parties want to use President elections as a testing ground to test the unity of the combined opposition so that they can use this experience to take on Modi in 2019 elections.

The BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao Rahul Gandhi and stated he visits India in between his foreign vacations. Its quite unsurprising to us as Rahul has least commitment towards politics and India added the BJP. The Congress officially stated that the controversy is uncalled for as Rahul is going to Italy to visit his 93-year-old grandmother and check her well being.