Rahul’s wrong emotions saga continues

Mandsaur in MadhyaPradesh has been on high alert amidst farmers stir and violence. After five protesters were killed in police firing violence erupted there with farmers blocking highways, torching factories and attacking government officials.

To take advantage of the situation Rahul Gandhi rushed to Mandsaur and support the farmers protests. He was stopped by the police and arrested to alleviate the situation. “Modi cannot waive loans of farmers, cannot give them bonuses, he can only give them bullets,” said Rahul after he was arrested. “I am being stopped everywhere from UP to MP. I just wanted to meet the family of the deceased. Don’t I have the right? The MP government has created problems for everyone,” said Gandhi in Doria.

Rahul Gandhi was seen waving a victory sign with a smile while the police took him to custody. After seeing the picture of Rahul Gandhi, slurry of jokes started spreading in social media about his expressions and the wrong timings. What does a victory sign on completion of his visit to a place riddled with flurry of violence and rising death toll of farmers even imply? questioned the netizens. Why cant Rahul Gadnhi come up with solutions and work for betterment of farmers instead of attending crisis zones and giving weird expressions commented one person in social media.

Already many people across the country believe that the agitation was orchestrated by Congress to defame Modi government. Rahul’s histrionics are only adding to those allegations.